My work is about growth and structure, the various ways forms are put together and become themselves, in nature and the way we see it.

I don’t try to render form by picturing or copying natural models, but rather by following principles in making the sculpture which are analogous to the way forms are made in the universe. The “look” of the finished piece is very much determined, just as it is in nature, by how it came into being and grew, and what influences were brought to bear along the way. Just as in nature, the most important factor in determining what it will become is the overriding structural principle. Most of the sculptures I make are open: they can be seen through, and the juxtaposition of forms and colors against each other, and the background, is dynamic and ever-changing as one walks around them. In my work I explore and express in visual terms connections, many parts making a whole, — though the whole, the finished work, while complete, always conveys a sense of further possibilities.

As a consequence my work is dramatically dependent upon the setting. The sculptures “work” in most settings, but surprisingly and differently in each case. When I work for a particular site this allows me to interact with architecture and landscape in novel and visually memorable ways.

I have developed techniques which allow a great deal of freedom within a very solid structure. The sculptures are made of bronze, steel, stainless steel, cement, glass, urethane, or various other resins. The color is an integral part of the sculpture. The resulting works are permanent and virtually maintenance-free.

Public Art

I have been making public art for the last twenty years, in addition to continuing to exhibit in art galleries. My approach to public art projects is to place my work in a context, visually with its surroundings and in spirit with the community. I have worked with architects, public officials and members of the community to create  exciting public art works which were enthusiastically received, such as those recently completed for the state capitol in Baton Rouge, LA, Florida International University in Miami, FL, the city of Palm Desert, CA, the city of Rockville, MD, and the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University. My experience enables me to deal with the constraints of the site, budget and schedule to create a design which is integrated with its surroundings and which will interact with the public to enhance their experience of the place.
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